Goa Dairy AGM on 27 April; Dairy's financial condition and various farmers related issues to dominate AGM.

Goemkarponn desk

PONDA: The Goa Dairy’s Annual General Body Meeting (AGM) is scheduled for 27 April. The farmers say they did not get the financial statement, indicating that the Goa Dairy’s financial condition is delicate, and this issue would dominate the AGM.
Besides this, various farmer related issues are likely to dominate the meeting.
Farmers say if Goa Dairy’s financial status is not improved, then it may meet the same fate as Sanjeevani Sugar Factory.
In the coming AGM, farmers have many questions over Goa Dairy’s financial condition and functioning by the Administrator.
Several farmers affected issues are likely to dominate AGM, including discussions on the financial statement for 2019- 20 and 2020-21. The farmers said during the last AGM that approval has not been given to the financial statement presented for the year 2019-20.
Farmers questioned when their AGM has not given approval for accounting statement for the year 2019-20 on what basis the administration will present a financial statement for the year 2020-21.
Farmers feel Goa Dairy’s financial condition is not sound and the reason for it is excess recruitment and regularization of those staff.
Farmers said Goa Dairy’s financial condition is delicate due to excess staff and questioned how Goa Dairy would earn profit even though it hiked milk prices by Rs 4 per litre when milk sales are also reduced due to various reasons. The farmers also get their monthly payments towards the milk supply after a delay of several days.
The farmers said they are also worried about the functioning of the Goa Dairy cattle feed plant. The demand for cattle feed produced by Goa Dairy Catttlefeed Plant is reduced, and there is a need to find out why the demand from farmers is reduced.
One former Dairy Chairman said Goa Dairy is following the path of Sanjeevani Sugar Factory due to mismanagement.
He said every time the Government conducts excess recruitment on Goa Dairy, it affects Goa Dairy Profit as a large part of salary goes on excess recruitment.
He said it’s three years now the Administrator was appointed to Goa Dairy after Board was dissolved by RCS over charges of mismanagement.
It was expected that the Administrator would run Goa Dairy into a profit-making path; however, the condition of Goa Dairy is worsened in the past three years.
The farmers said though RCS dissolved Goa Dairy Board for mismanagement, it failed to take the remaining four directors on the Administration of Goa Dairy to run its affairs.
Finally, we now expect the farmer elected Goa Dairy Board to run the affairs of Goa Dairy. He further said the process to conduct an election for Goa Dairy Board has been initiated by RCS, and it would happen any time soon.
It may be recalled that former three-member Administrative Committee Chairman Durgesh Shirodkar (farmer), before he was removed in January, had repeatedly claimed a profit of Rs 3.75 crore profit earned for the year 2020-21 during his tenure of one year and even part of it was distributed to farmers.
However, some farmers questioning his claim said without an audit report, how he could make such claims?


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