MMC shifts vendors to newly renovated market

Goemkarponn desk
VASCO: Goan traditional vendors shifted into the newly renovated market on Wednesday. MMC Councillors urged citizens to make purchases from the traditional Goan vendors who are sitting in the market.
In an appreciable move, the Mormugao municipality on Wednesday shifted the Goan traditional vendors who were sitting at the roadside to the renovated market.
On Tuesday, the Mormugao municipality undertook an anti-plastic drive in the market area, asking the vendors to stop using single-use plastic. Along with this awareness drive, they had also asked the traditional Goan women vendors to sit inside the newly renovated market.
MMC chairperson Leo Rodrigues said that, as promised to the vendors, today we have shifted the roadside vendors into this renovated market.
He said we also urge the rest of the vendors to come inside this market and not to sit at the roadside. Rodrigues added that the MMC has arranged the new temporary market shed for the fruit and vegetable vendors. In the next week, we will shift the roadside fruit Vendors inside the temporary shed,” Rodrigues said.
City Councillor Shami Salkar urged the citizens to avoid buying commodities from roadside vendors which encourages encroachments and illegalities.
Salkar said that the traditional Goan women vendors who have been shifted to the renovated market are worried that they might lose their business and customers due to the change in their place. Salkar urged locals to make purchases from the traditional Goan vendors who will sit inside this market.


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