Rozgar Yatra at Vasco, Marmagao and Sanvordem attracts large crowds

The Aam Aadmi Party today took out a ‘Rozgar Yatras at Vasco, Mormugao and Sanvordem The Yatra in Sanvordem was led by AAP leader Abhijit Dessai, in Vasco by Sunil Loran, AAP leader, AAP and  in Mormugao by Parshuram Sonurlekar AAP Leader.  The Yatra pulled an large crowds in all three Assemblies. The Rally went through the towns of Vasco,  Mormugao and Sanvordem and was attended by 100s of volunteers followed by large Booth level meetings. 100s of residents registered for Kejriwal’s Job Guarantee.

Vasco  and Mormugao which are very close to the port and the airport has faced a lot of problems related to unemployment. The Tourism activities like taxi operations had come to a stand still during the Pandemic. Taxikars in these assemblies have received no support from the Govt during the lockdown in stark comparison to how Arvind Kejriwal has stood by taxi and rickshaw operators in Delhi. Youth are also finding it tough to get jobs as the MLAs only give them to their Chamchas
In Sanvordem most residents are mining dependents and the BJP Govt has brought in no relief to suffering due to closure of mines. The BJP Govt has been ignoring the Mining dependents for the last 5 years. Residents are supporting AAP as they trust Arvind Kejriwal will restart mining and will provide INR 5000 relief per family till mining restarts. Neither has any development taken place in the constituency the last few years. During the Pandemic too, no relief was provided by the local government. People are fed up with the corruption that has arisen in every government sector.

‘Vasco is one of most important cities in Goa which is dependent on Tourism due to proximity of the Airport and Port. During the Covid – 19 crisis the Taxikars especially have faced great hardship as Tourism had come to a halt. Vasco residents are interested in AAP’s promise that Rs 5,000 would be provided monthly to families who lost employment due to shutdown of tourism’, said Sunil Lota Vasco Assembly Incharge.
In Mormugao, Parshuram Sonurlekar AAP Assembly Incharge said “Arvind Kejriwal model has been proved in Delhi, we look at implementing the same here in Goa. AAP Government will further establish a Skill University in Goa on the lines of Delhi’s DSEU, to enable to youth to skilled. Kejriwal is a man who does what he says, we need to bring the AAP to power to overcome the present situation”.

Abhijeet Dessai flagged off the Rozgar Yatra at Sanvordem, which was very well attended. ‘The need of the hour is mining should be resumed which will give employment back to the people of Sanvordem. AAP once in power will provide some relief to the unemployed, unlike the present government who seems to be least bothered. Kejriwal promise of providing employment to all the youth and lifting of the Mining Ban has attracted a lot of people” said Dessai. “If AAP is brought to power, families affected by the mining closure will be given INR 5000 till mining is restarted. The residents of Sanvordem are fed up with the present corruption practices” added Dessai.


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