South Goa police hold outreach programme for the Senior Citizens

Goemkarponn desk
VASCO: The South District is organising a new outreach programme for the Senior Citizens residing in Goa. This programme’s main motto is to familiarise senior citizens with the local police and police officers.
As per the information available from the office of the South Goa Superintendent of Police, the police will begin knocking doors of the senior citizens and reaching out to them to make them aware of the safety issues under this major outreach programme.
The senior police officers will speak to the elderly citizens about Cyber Crimes and other personal issues and will collect data. This programme will assist in sorting out legal issues related to property
matters of senior citizens and providing them with all kinds of assistance in times of crisis or medical emergencies.
Goa Police has prepared Senior Citizen Cards, which consist of Beat officers’ phone numbers from Police Constables to Police Sub-Inspectors. So also, other important phone numbers of senior Police officers will be made available to Senior Citizens along with the Senior Citizens Helpline number and Police Control Room
Emergency Response number.
Furthermore, the main objective of this outreach programme is to make senior citizens familiarise themselves with Police officers and Beat staff of their respective Police Station, and that in case of
any kind of emergency or assistance or otherwise, they can get their issues resolved.
This will also help the Police Department to know the basic needs of our Senior Citizens as well as their overall sense of security.


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