Traffic violations have reduced by 50% with an increase in fines: Godinho

Goemkarponn desk

PANAJI: Transport Minister Mauvin Godinho today said that the traffic violations in the state have come down to 50 percent with an increase in the traffic fines.
“The fines collected by the authorities have doubled since the implementation of new traffic files, but the offences registered have come down to 50 percent,” said Godinho.
Speaking further, he said that there is a need for 1200 electric buses in the state, but the only difficulty that arises is for the charging stations.
“Have directed the authorities to increase charging facilities across the Kadamba Bus stands; it is needed now, the turnaround will be faster, by the end of the year a 100 buses will be added in Kadamba,” he added.
Godinho also said that elections to 189 village panchayats would be delayed by a week.
He further said that the delimitation process for the Panchayat elections had been over, and now we will be going ahead with the reservation process.
“These grassroots level elections should not be fought on party lines as we need the support of all people from the grassroots level,” said Godinho.


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