AAP Goa Convenor Rahul Mhambre Slams Mapusa Municipality for destroying city’s Nature and Heritage Buildings

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Today the AAP Goa Convenor Rahul Mhambre slammed the Mapusa Municipality for ruthless actions towards iconic trees of Mapusa. Mhambre stated that the iconic trees instead of being transplanted or trimmed are directly being cut. Earlier this year the Mapusa Municipality also destroyed a heritage building next to old municipal building in Mapusa and didn’t even consider saving it. It seems the city MLA is least concerned with the city and it’s heritage.

The City of Mapusa has been suffering under the BJP MLA and the Mapusa Municipality. Potholes are now a daily problem, as a power issues. The Mapusa Tar river is lying in a terrible state with no one caring about it and Sewerage processing plants lie unfinished. Mapusa residents are tired of the failure of the BJP and the municipality

‘Itis sad that the Mapusa Municipality has decided to cut the tress that are old, instead of transplanting and trimming of trees, in case they pose danger to the community around. Instead of cutting down the trees, they could trim it orshift it to other locations. Similarly, sometime back Mapusa Municipality demolished an old heritage building next to old Municipality building, insteadrestoring it. It is extremely shameful that while towns and cities are preserving their heritage, Mapusa Municipality has decided to shed away their past heritage by cutting old trees and demolishing old buildings” stated Rahul Mhambre


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