Attempted kidnapping at Anjuna?

* Commercial pilot says their vehicle was followed by unknown persons

Goemkarponn desk
SIOLIM: Siolim woke up to shocking news this morning of a kidnapping attempt of the commercial pilot of Siolim-Anjuna road in the wee hours today.
Anjuna police said that the suitable commercial pilots of a reputed airline and residents of Delhi, celebrated a bachelors party of one Mr Chirag at Hotel Marbella.
While they were returning to their accommodation in their car, a mother car started following them for a long time.
At the Siolim-Assagao slope, the vehicle overtook them and stopped. The pilot tried to reverse the car and hit the electricity pole.
After that, all eight ran in different directions, and three of them landed in Anjuna police station, where they narrated the story to the police.
The remaining members of the group were found this morning, police say.
Police said that there was no complaint lodged as of now but the case is being looked into.
Initial investigations are on an statements are being recorded police said.
Police has also done medical of the pilots.


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