Filipe Neri has failed to discharge his duties as minister: Congress

Goemkarponn Desk

MARGAO: Congress Leaders Olencio Simoes, Peter Fernandes, Jason Silveira and Devsurabhee Yaduvanshi have lambasted Fisheries Minister Filipe Nery Rodrigues for failing to discharge his duties as Minister.

“Ever since he has taken charge of his office, illegalities in the fisheries department has gone to the peak, it is an utter shame that the local fishermen have to be vigilant and catch the boats from Karnataka, rather than the fisheries department,” said Simoes

He further said that it has clearly shown that Filipe Neri and his department have failed to act on illegal bull trawling by Malphe boats since last two years in the territorial waters of Goa.

“Filipe Nery Rodrigues had joined the BJP under the pretext of development but today it looks like he and his government are all out to finish the fishing community of Goa, as I want to remind him that the fisheries department in 2016 and the central government in 2017 has banned the use of Bull trawling in the territorial waters and Indian Exclusive Zone (EEZ), but till today more than hundred Karnataka trawlers are operating within the territorial water of the state and continue to use this banned destructive gears without the fear of law and perhaps in complete connivance with the Government of Goa.” he added

Olencio Simoes also questioned the Chief Minister Dr. Pramod P Sawant who is also the home minister, whether his department like the coastal police are not aware of the illegal fishing within the territorial waters of Goa.


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