Nauxim Marina project REJECTED for now

EAC asks project proponent to re-submit proposal once the State CZMP is approved by the central ministry

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PANAJI: The Expert Appraisal Committee (EAC), MoEFCC, has asked for the proposal of the development of AHOY Marina in Mormugao Port Trust Waters, Goa by M/s Kargwal Constructions Pvt. Ltd to be submitted only after the State’s Coastal Zone Development Plan is approved by the Ministry.
The 291 st Meeting of Expert Appraisal Committee (EAC) of Infra-1 (IA-III) was held through Video Conferencing at the Ministry of Environment, Forest & Climate Change (MoEF&CC), Indira Paryavaran Bhavan, New Delhi, on 10th March 2022, under the Chairmanship of Dr. Deepak Arun Apte.
Discussing on the agenda of the Proposed Development of AHOY Marina in Mormugao Port Trust Waters, Goa by M/s Kargwal Constructions Pvt. Ltd, the EAC noted that the Project Proponent and the consultant have given in the application and enclosures are true to the best of their knowledge and belief, and no information has been suppressed in EIA/EMP.
“If any part of data/information submitted is found to be false/ misleading at any stage, the project will be rejected, and ToR/Environmental Clearance given, if any, will be revoked at the risk and cost of the project proponent,” it said.
The EAC has observed that the CZMP of Goa is still not approved, and the matter related to the finalization of CZMP is still pending.
“In view of this, EAC advised PP to submit the proposal once CZMP is finalized and approved by the Ministry,” it said.

Stiff Opposition for project
The Nauxim Marina project has faced strong opposition from locals and environmentalists.
A local fishermen Krishna from Nauxim stated that the coastal area, which is habituated by the coastal communities, had opposed this Marina project in the Nauxim area way back in 2010.
“Once again during the Parrikar led BJP govt in 2015 too, locals were against this Marina project, the fate of this Marina project in the year 2019 was also the same wherein coastal communities especially the fishermen communities from Goa came together and had an agitation to oppose this Marina project highlighting that the project will do more harm than the good to the local communities and the area,” he said.
A letter written by the project proponent to the Member Secretary of Expert Appraisal Committee (EAC) of Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change, stated “We have entered upon a concession agreement with Mormugaon Port Trust (MPT) to establish a Marina to facilitate small boats & yachts parking which will enhance the value of tourism of Goa.
“As the proposed Marina is a port facility within Mormugaon port trust waters, it requires obtaining the CRZ clearance from MoEFCC as per CRZ notification 2011. In this regard, we are submitting herewith application for CRZ clearance along with Form 1, Prefeasibility report, Executive summary, and relevant maps,” the letter reads.
Further, it says, “We request you (EAC) to consider our proposal in the upcoming EAC meeting for grant of TOR for carrying out the ELA study.”
Subsequently, during the EAC meeting, which took place in Delhi on March 10, 2022, agenda number 3.5, “Proposed development of AHOY Marina in Mormugao Port Trust Waters, Goa by M/s Kargwal Constructions Pvt. Ltd. – Terms of Reference Proposal No. IA/GA/NCP/257252/2022 and File No 10-38/2016-IA.III” has been mentioned.”
This shows that the people’s opinion has been sidelined totally, and there is more eagerness to push this project on the Goans when they are openly against such a project.
When contacted, Ramrao Wagh, who has been spearheading this issue, said that people have been against the Marina project since the beginning said that many fisherman communities had opposed the Nauxim Marina project several times.
“There was people’s agitation on this issue,” he said.
With further added that some fishermen also met Chief minister Dr. Pramod Sawant on this issue and had clearly disclosed their dismay over the Marina project.
“Chief Minister Dr. Pramod Sawant had also assured that if people do not want Marina project, it will not happen, so what happened to that promise now?” He questioned. The voices and opinions of the people are being sidelined.
“We have also opposed the Major Port Authority bill in the past, which won’t benefit the locals. Similarly, the Marina project will negatively impact the coastal communities and fisherman community and their traditional occupations,” he added.


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