The impact on Dabolim will be known only after Mopa starts functioning: AAI director

Dhiraj Harmalkar/
Goemkarponn desk

VASCO: Dabolim International Airport Director feels that considering the need and the footfall of the tourists, there won’t be any impact of the new Mopa airport on Dabolim.
“The airports are built. I don’t think there will be any effect on the Dabolim airport if the Mopa airport comes up in the North,” said S.V.T.Dhananjay Rao, new Director of International Airport Dabolim.
He added, “in my opinion, there won’t be any effect on the Dabolim International Airport if the Mopa airport becomes operational in the North”.
When questioned about the people’s doubts about both airports operating simultaneously, Director Rao said that the decision must have been taken after proper study, and he cannot comment on that.
He further added that the actual effect and the situation we will understand only after the new airport starts operating.
“I won’t be able to comment more about this since I have recently taken charge, and I will need some time to assess and study,” Rao said.
Meanwhile, when questioned about the MLCP, Director assured to make Multi-Level Car Parking operational very soon after adequately studying the issue.
He said the Multi-Level Car Parking (MLCP) next to the Airport terminal building would be operational very soon.
He said that on Thursday, he took charge as a Director of the International Airport Dabolim. Rao added that this airport is new to him, and he would require some time to study and look into the MLCP issue at Dabolim airport. But it is sure that soon we will make the parking facility operational.
It may be recalled that Former Director of International Airport Dabolim Gagan Malik had said that the MLCP had received the approval from the Bureau of Civil Aviation Security recently and the MLCP would be operational by the end of May 2022. But newly, according to the information available, Former airport Director Malik got promoted and was transferred outside Goa. Since then, the inauguration and the work to make this facility operational has been delayed again.


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