Colmorod residents demand replacement of the 40+-year-old water pipeline

Goemkarponn desk
MARGAO: The residents of Colmorod, Margao led by former Chairperson of MMC Savio Coutinho, held a protest in front of the South District Library to demand the replacement of the 40+-year-old Cement pipeline, which raptures very frequently, causing immense hardships to the public.
The area’s residents and prominent people, including Benedita Furtado, Cynthia Fernandes, Zabir Shaik, Hakim Rawaltar, Trudy D’silva, Connie Andrade, etc., numbering over 50, assembled at the site where the pipeline had burst yesterday noon and demanded the immediate replacement of the pipeline.
Coutinho speaking to the media, came down heavily on the authorities for their care-a-damn attitude towards the hardships faced by the public.
“When all and sundry are aware that this pipeline bursts very frequently at different locations along the line, they have failed to even propose the work for replacement of this line. And this speaks aloud of the actual development that takes place in Margao”, Coutinho thundered as he condemned the concerned authorities without naming any.
Coutinho further pointed out the damage to the road on account of the pipeline burst and recalled the hardships faced by the surrounding people and commuters who had to breathe dust for several years due to the bad condition of the same road. Thanks to the Inauguration of the Indoor stadium complex last year on account of which one coat of Hotmix carpet was laid.
With the present situation of the road, very soon the people may be subjected to another period of dust pollution, he cautioned.
A local resident Mrs. Arlinda Rodrigues complained over the stepmotherly treatment given to the area of Colmorod and questioned the absence of local elected representatives during their hard times.
Another local resident Gary Azavedo charged that the local MLA Digamber Kamat is least concerned about these areas and that his priority lies exclusively on Monti Donor.
The residents warned that if necessary steps are not taken for the replacement of the pipeline, then they will be forced to block the road for heavy traffic in the event of any future rapture of the said pipeline.


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