GBA celebrates Thomas Cup win with Para-Badminton Players

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PANAJI: Para-Badminton players joined Goa Badminton Association in celebrating India’s historic triumph in the prestigious Thomas Cup during the ongoing Summer badminton coaching camp at Indoor stadium, Campal.
“Thrilled to know India clinching Thomas Cub 2022 after 73 years. It’s surely a historic and golden movement of Indian Badminton Players. As para-badminton players, I wish India shines at international levels in all sports.” stated Vishant Nagvekar, a Para-Badminton Committee member and para player.
“It was unique to celebrate this historic feat in such a unique way. Para players followed the final moments very excitingly as India registered a thrilling 3-0 win over Indonesia to lift the Thomas Cup 2022, the first time in the Cup’s 73 years of history. The moment this happened, there was ecstasy, joy, jubilation, and celebrations. Para players, joined by others, cut cake and sang congratulatory songs to congratulate the India team on their spectacular victory”, stated Sandeep Heble, Goa Badminton Association Secretary.
“The 3 -0 scoreline would suggest the match was lopsided, but it was far from that. In fact, Indian players had to fight for every point as if their lives were dependent on it. Players stepped up and rose to the occasion. There were many similarities with the 1983 Cricket World Cup win where David took on Goliath and won. In this case, India dethroned 14 times champions Indonesia, and the Indian contingent swooped on the Court just like the spectators had done in 1983. Truly breath-taking finals by India’s Golden generation. Proud of the boys.” – added Heble.
Meanwhile, Goa’s State badminton players expressed their joy and wished for the win. Following are some of the reactions:
“The Indian badminton men’s team has scripted history! The whole team gave all their efforts, and it was a magical performance. Dreams of a billion Indians have come true. It was heartening to see our National flag on top of the podium after 73 years. India is fast rising to be the next powerhouse in Badminton. This win gives all the players big motivation to dream big.” – Anura Prabhu Desai, Goa and India International Player.
“The performance of team India was absolutely enthralling! Lakshya’s come back in the 2nd and 3rd set was indeed magnificent. We’ve won Thomas Cup for the first time in history, which has left me in thorough goosebumps, and I’m speechless as I state this; words are falling short for what I’m feeling at the moment. Jai hind!” – Aashrun Gautam, State Men’s badminton Player
“I am just speechless and the happiest right now because we have created a history. The manner in which this whole team came together and went from strength to strength is inspiring. The results will encourage most of us who aspire to be champions to keep fighting to reach our goals. Nothing is impossible.” – Arjun Fallary, Goa and India International Player.

“Efforts, dedication, and the supporting hands like physios, coach etc. have made it possible for the Indian team to reach this stage where they are standing today. This win will definitely motivate so many upcoming sportspersons.” – said Anar Singbal, State Women’s badminton player
“This historic moment will have a positive effect on the coming generations and current players to believe in them that they can achieve anything. This was made possible only because of complete team efforts and also crucial role played by physio, coach and other support staff.” – Karan Dhavaskar, State Men’s Badminton player.
“It is a heart-warming moment for all of us to see India win Gold at the prestigious Thomas Cup. Most matches were close encounters, but the boys fought really well. Being a part of the Indian Badminton fraternity, I’m extremely proud to witness history being created.” Pranjal Chimulkar, Goa and India International Player
“This historic win is an inspiration and a proud moment in the field of Badminton and Indian Sports. I am proud to call myself an Indian. Congratulations to the entire Indian team for their relentless efforts and raising the Indian flag high.” – Pratishtha Shenoy, State Sub Junior Player
“It is an inspiring moment for us as the Indian badminton team has created history by winning the gold medal in the Thomas cup finals. This is a phenomenal moment for the game of Badminton.” – Aarush Pawaskar, State Sub Junior Badminton Player.
“Thomas cup in Badminton is equivalent to the world cup in cricket. Today as our country creates history in Badminton, it can no longer be said that India relies on just one or two players to bring glory to the country. India today has played as a team and has successfully been able to create a bunch of exceptional players who got laurels to the country. This could be the start of the Indian era in world badminton.” – Sharmad Mahajan, Badminton Coach and former State Player
“A proud moment for every Indian badminton player. The moment we’ve all been waiting for. Congratulations India, one for the history books!!” – Yasmin Sayed, State Women’s Badminton Players
“This is a very proud moment for India and the Indian badminton players and will inspire all the youngsters to achieve greater heights. Congratulations to the entire team of players, coaches and support staff that made this possible! Hope this is a first of many, kudos!” – Ajinkya Savant, State Men’s badminton player and promoter.
“It’s an amazing feat achieved by the Indian badminton team…. they’ve made us proud. I’d love to be there one day winning more and more medals for India.” – Sakshi K, State Sub Junior Badminton Player.
“The historic win will boost and encourage all the young kids to take up Badminton as a career. It is a milestone for Indian Badminton, like the 1983 Cricket World Cup. Now l hope more sponsors will come forward and help Indian badminton players to shine at international level to bring laurels for India.” – Anjana Kumari, Goa and India Women’s International Player.
“It was a sensational victory for team India who made history in International Badminton. Well played, Team India, we all badminton lovers are proud of you’ll.’ – Floyd Araujo, State Men’s badminton player.
“The Thomas Cup trophy is definitely something we all as Indians would love to speak of as this is a very efficient milestone for Indian Badminton. This won’t only add to our achievements but will also inspire the new and younger generation like us to break records set up by mighty countries like Indonesia and Malaysia. “– Salil Deshpande, State Sub Junior badminton player.
“With this win, the boys have captured the attention of the whole nation. It is so inspiring and encouraging for us young shuttlers to work hard. Kudos to all the players and the coaches. You all have made us immensely proud.” – Sriya Saraf, State Sub Junior Player.
“Our Indian team for this edition of the Thomas Cup was undoubtedly a strong one, with a good mixture of experience and enthusiasm. The calmness a number of Indians displayed during tense moments is what I would surely like to learn, and the way these players turned the match in their favour within a minute is a factor that surely helped them win. Hope to see more such achievements coming our way.” – Soumya Deshpande, State Sub Junior badminton player.


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