GSRLM aims to benefit rural poor household

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Minister for Rural Development, Shri Michael Lobo MLA of Maye and MLA Praveen Zantye, Director of Rural Development, Smt. Meena Goltekar and BDO of Bicholim,. Shrikant Pednekar inaugurated the Masala Unit of SHG under the leadership of Smt. Sandhya Kurtarkar of Ona Maulingem, Kudchirem under GSRLM today.
Smt. Sandhya Kurtarkar from Ona Maulingem Kurchirem successfully runs Masala Pounding Machine and Grain Pounding Machine, providing employment to ladies from Radhakrishna Self Help Group and comes under the Samarth Village Organization.
It may be informed that Goa State Rural Livelihoods Mission (GSRLM) aims to benefit rural poor households in the State of Goa to empower and improve the livelihoods of poor rural women, thereby boosting the rural economy.
It aims to make a multidimensional impact on the lives of Goan Rural households by mobilizing them, particularly women, into robust grassroots institutions of their own where, with the strength of the group behind them, they will be not only economically empowered but also be able to exert voice and accountability over service providers of education, health, nutrition and finance.
GSRLM has reached out to over 38,590 households in the remotest geographical locations of the State and firmly establishes itself as an Institution for the rural poor and reducing barriers for women.
GSRLM has given several success stories of women overcoming inertia, living in poverty the much-needed boost in its endeavour to promote sustainable livelihoods for the rural poor.
As of date, GSRLM is working with 2,979 SHGs covering 38,590/- number of households. GSRLM has assisted SHG members in creating a livelihood in the rural community in farm and non-farm sectors during the implementation.
Rs.3.35 crores have been provided to different SHGs all over Goa as a Revolving fund, and an amount of Rs.1.67 crores disbursed to various Village Organizations all over Goa as Community Investment Fund start the livelihood.


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