Ponda, Kavlem, Khandepar locals demand police patrolling at isolated spots at night

Goemkarponn desk

PONDA: The locals in Ponda, Kavlem and Khandepar demanded Ponda Police identify the isolated spots, roads, playgrounds and interiors isolated spots in Ponda for Police for effective patrolling to prevent incidents of the nuisance of lovers, alcoholic parties, drugs etc. from outsiders in Village area.
Kisan Naik said Police patrolling vehicles just passing from the main road don’t help control the menace.
He said the menace starts especially after dusk, i.e. as night start falling after 6.30 to 8.30 pm when lovers or couples from outside the village visit the playground in the dark and stay for at least one to two hours, causing a nuisance to locals.
Similarly, the gang of alcoholic people or addicted to drugs start their parties late at midnight ending with breaking bottles. Recently such a dump of broken bottles was found near Khandepar bridge road.
Since there has been no approach road to the bridge at Khandepar for the past four years the unsure portion of the approach road is used for drug parties and immoral things.
Recently Kavlem garbage collection shed was set on fire by unknowns, and according to locals, many outsiders visit the playground for parties which is just located close to the garbage shed.
Sandeep Parkar social activist condemned the incident of liquor bottle dump and broken bottles at Khandepar bridge road. He said either Panchayat install CCTV or Police should patrol the area so that no untoward incidents are reported.


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