Seven culverts to be constructed at St Inez Creek to avoid flooding: Jennifer

Goemkarponn desk
PANAJI: Revenue Minister Jennifer Monserrate today said that the Corporation of City of Panaji will reconstruct 7 culverts at St Inez Creek to avoid monsoon flooding.
“Today, we have taken up the work of reconstructing 7 culverts along St Inez Creek as every year there would be flooding and overflowing of nulla during the monsoon season,” said Jennifer after the inspection.
She further said that sometimes the water flowing from one side does not flow under the bridge and leads to flooding and that that the reconstruction will help water flow at a smooth pace.
“The cleaning of the nulla takes place before every monsoon season as CCP brings in the machine, and it is my request to the people not to throw in the garbage into the nulla,” she said.
Meanwhile, CCP Mayor Rohit Monserrate said that the outlets of the nulla at various places had been sealed, but some colonies had been opening the outlets.
“Until and unless people stop throwing garbage and other types of waste, the issue will never be sorted; we are also planning to create an awareness drive at a later stage,” Rohit said.


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