SHOCKING: lady kills 14-month daughter, attempts suicide

Police register case, say motive behind murder being investigated

Goemkarponn desk
VASCO: In a shocking development, a lady from Chicalim, identified as Nimisha Gone, around 36-year-old, allegedly killed her own 14-month daughter at her residence at Chicalim, in the wee hours of the day.
Gone later attempted to kill herself by jumping from the Zuari bridge into the river but was rescued by the workers of the DBL carrying out the works of the new Zuari bridge.
The DBL workers later handed Gone over to Aggacaim police station, who further admitted her to GMC for treatment.
While the Aggacaim police got in touch with Vasco police station to report the incident, the death of Gone’s 14 months daughter came to light.
Sources said that Nimisha was based in Germany with her husband Nilesh Gone and had arrived in Goa only a few days ago, and was living with her father in Chicago with her daughter.
“The incident may have happened at around 6 am. Gone initially killed her daughter apparently by strangulation and used a rope to get off the balcony of her house. She later is believed to have sliced her wrist, kept her cell phone in the garden and approached a neighbour asking for his vehicle for some work. While the neighbour gave her the car, she left from the house to Zuari bridge and after parking the car is believed to have jumped in the river from the bridge,” said a source.
Vasco police rushed to the site and carried out a primary investigation along with forensic teams at the site.
After conducting the panchanama, Vasco police also sent the body of the daughter for post mortem
Meanwhile, Vasco PI Kapil Nayak said that he got a call from Aggacaim police station in the morning, and upon investigation, the daughter’s death came to light.
“We got the lady’s number and checked for details by calling her family member when we realised that her daughter was found dead in the house. We were then informed that the lady had killed her daughter before attempting suicide. We have carried out the primary investigation, and further enquiries are underway. We have registered an offence under section 302 and section 8 of the Goa Children’s Act and are finding the reason behind this crime,” he said.
Nimisha Gone is admitted to GMC because she had cut the veins of her hand, and we are conducting further enquiry in this case.
“Her husband Nilesh Gone is working in Germany, and she was there but returned to Goa with her daughter a few days ago. We will send the body of the child for post-mortem to ascertain further details on the exact cause of death,” said Nayak.


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