Steady rise in production of State fish, ‘Shevto’

*7801 tonnes of Shevto catch from 2017 till March 2022

Goemkarponn Desk

PANAJI: Shevto, which was classified as the State fish in 2017 has since seen a remarkable rise in catch with a total of 7801 tonnes for the year since 2017 to March 2020.

“There has been a catch of 7801 tonnes for the year since 2017 to March 2020. Grey Mullet is abundantly found in Estuarine and Brackish Waters in the State,” said Minister for Fisheries Nilkanth Halarnkar

He further said that the Government is promoting culture of Grey Mullet (Shevto) in River Cage Culture and Pond Culture etc.

“The local Goan endangered species is Windowpane oyster (Placuna placenta) and is protected under Schedule IV of the Indian Wild Life Protection Act, 1972,” he added

Minister said that no invasive species of fish have been reported that are a threat to Goa’s Marine ecosystem.

He informed that Government of India notified a list of endangered species of sharks banned from fishing as per the Wild Life Protection Act 1972 published on notification dated 5 th December, 2001.

“The Department of Fisheries has distributed the list of the banned species to all the Fisheries Co-operative Societies/ Association to create awareness so that the fishermen are aware and will not catch the banned species,” he said

Halarnkar said that the fishermen have also been instructed to release the banned species in sea if accidentally caught in the fishing nets.

“Provision is made in the Goa Marine Fishing Regulation Rules (Amendment) for protection and management of sea turtles by installing of Turtle Excluder Devices (TEDs) in trawl net and the same is in process,” he added


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