Stop drug abuse and sexual exploitation of minor girls and youth: Bailancho Saad

Stop procurement and sale of drugs.
Take cognizance of complaints and follow procedures for testing and rehabilitation
Institute an Enquiry into the beating of minor girl in the Bicholim police station.
Deny permissions for rave parties, drug parties and keep a watch on onshore and offshore vessels for drug consumption.
Resumption of the quarterly meetings between police, NGOs and state authorities to address issues relating to crimes against women and children.

NGO asks Govt to act to stop increasing crimes against women

Goemkarponn desk
PANAJI: A delegation of Bailancho Saad met the Director-General of Police on 8th November 2021 to apprise him of the increased incidents of young girls and youth being induced into drugs and sexual activity.
BS demanded urgent steps to stop crimes against women.
Sabina Martins of Bailancho Saad said it is more worrisome is the drug consumption among minors and youth in the rural areas, far removed from the coastal belt and urban areas where drug sale and consumption is high. Since the girls come from poor rural households, they do not have money to feed their addiction. “They are then pushed into sexual activity to get money for drugs,” she said.
A memorandum was submitted earlier. DGP Mukesh Kumar Meena assured the delegation that necessary steps would be taken.
In an instance, she said, a minor girl’s mother complained of drug addiction and boys took her away for nights; the police brought the minor girl to the police station, beat her up, and kept her in the police station till midnight hungry.
“She was not sent for a medical test nor medical examination. No evidence is collected and no complaints were lodged. The minor was not sent for rehabilitation.
The mother has been complaining for the last year during lockdown period, but the police have not even acknowledged complaints,” Martins said.
She said there is an attempt to hush up this serious issue or delay. Some drugs do not show in tests if testing is delayed beyond certain hours. While medical treatment is provided at IPHB Bambolim, there are no rehabilitation centers for girls/women in Goa.
Bailancho Saad demanded from the government to start de-addiction and rehabilitation facilities for women suffering from alcohol, drugs and other substance abuse.
Bailancho Saad also called for review of Tourism policies that promotes alcohol, drug, gambling and sexual exploitation.


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