Vocal for local campaign to defame me, says Minister Gaude

* Gaude says the so-called BJP aspirant played low-level politics.
* Instigated for Bahujan youths to open fake social media account and hatched conspiracy to defame him

Goemkarponn desk
PONDA: Priol MLA and Cooperation Minister Govind Gaude said that keeping an eye to win the assembly election from Priol Constituency, the one so-called self-declared BJP aspirant was the face behind instigating four youth to defame him.

Reacting to four youth being detained for defaming him by creating a fake Facebook account, Gaude said the BJP aspirants workers hatched a conspiracy to defame him and his supporters, instigating the four youths to open fake social media account and post defamatory messages against him and his supporters.
“This conspiracy was exposed today in Police investigation where in this four youths of age group 20 to 22 confirmed that they had committed this offence at the instruction of new aspirant politician at Priol,” he said.
Minister Govind Gaude said opening fake social media accounts and defaming others is a serious cybercrime, but he doesn’t want to ruin the future of any Bahujan youths.
“These youths had also given an undertaking that they will not repeat such mistakes in future,” he said.
However, he urged parents to remain alert from such politicians who are dreaming of becoming MLA.
Govind Gaude said after Police started an inquiry into the matter, the so-called BJP workers started claiming harassment by Police.
“However, my supporters filed a police complaint against unknown and Police inquiry revealed the fake social media accounts opened by four Priol Youths who later informed that it was done at the instruction of politician from Priol and every thing was planned at his office at Ponda,” he said.
He said some youths even posted messages commenting on Chief Minister.
Minister Gaude also declared the details and names of four youths to the media whose inquiry had been conducted by Police.
He urged the youths not to fall prey to instigations of such politicians, which will ruin their future.
Minister Govind Gaude said he is a local of Bandora in Marcaim Constituency.
He said he has been representing Priol Constituency since 2017.
Gaude said, “the BJP aspirant wants to split among Bahujan Samaj by instigating youths through fake social media accounts.”


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