“AAP is the only party that is talking about Development” Noted lawyer Adv Amit Palekar joins AAP

Sr Advocate and social worker from StCruz Amit Palekar joined AAP today. Palekar is famous for intervening in the Oxygen crisis case that led to the investigation of the Govt’s response. His mother has been the Sarpanch of Merces village for 10 years. Palekar who is well known for his social work in Merces and St Cruz in general joined AAP because AAP is the only party talking about development be it on healthcare, education or in case of employment. Palekar praised Arvind Kejriwals vision and will to bring development in reality.
Palekar is noted social worker and Sr Advocate. Along with the Rotary club he has donated 185 beds in GMC’s Super speciality wing. Palekar closely worked to help Covid patients get the care they need. In the middle of the pandemic it was because of his hard work that many residents of StCruz received aid while the Govt was sleeping. Palekar is a well known face with the residents of StCruz and his mother has been Merces Sarpanch for 10 years.

Palekar said he was attracted to Arvind Kejriwal’s vision and integrity and work. He said that Arvind Kejriwal’s first two promises regarding electricity and jobs have electrified Goans.  AAP was genuinely working on issues impacting Goenkars. While AAP has fulfilled all it’s promises under the Kejriwal Sarkar the residents of StCruz have been made to suffer for their basic needs by the BJP. The lockdown’s impact has affected the youth of StCruz and many poor Goenkars who are out of jobs. Many who work as Taxikars have lost a large amount of livelihood. GMC vendors have been pushed out of their work. Others are unable to find adequate paying jobs despite being very well qualified. Apart from this the lack of 24/7 electricity and proper water supply is harming Goenkars standard of living and no party but AAP seems to be interested in solving it.
“Goans like Amit Palekar have come to AAP to help bring Goa to the 21st Century and away from the corruption of BJP and Congress” said Cecille Rodriques AAP Taleigao Assembly incharge.

“We are very proud to welcome Adv Palekar to the party. When people were afraid during the second wave Palekar was on the ground helping people left right and center. The work of installing beds in the Super specialty wing was a job even MLAs didnt think of” said AAP Vice President Valmiki Naik.

“Joining AAP has been a very important decision in my life. AAP is a party whose ideology is one that matches me. StCruz has suffered under the present crop of politicians. The residents have tried every option but every option has failed. You expect that when you have a MLA from ruling party that your constituency will see development. But that has not been the case.” said Adv Amit Palekar


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