NO MONEY: Griha Aadhar beneficiaries making rounds at Banks for the past five to six months

* Complaint that they had not received monthly Griha Aadhar money for the past five to six months and that they are suffering as most of the needy women depend on it.

Goemakrponn desk

PONDA: The Griha Aadhar beneficiary needy women in Ponda Taluka requested the government to clear their monthly Griha Aadhar scheme money.
While Some women have received money, Many women in Ponda Taluka who are beneficiaries of the monthly Rs 1500 Scheme said that it’s four to five months they are waiting for government to deposit their monthly Griha Aadhar scheme money into their Bank Accounts. Similarly, senior citizens complain that they did not get their three-month DSSY money.
Women complained that despite waiting for four to five months government had not cleared their money and that they are making rounds every month at Banks to get information about it.
As the Bank staff tells them the money is not deposited into the account, they get disappointed as many needy women depend on this money which supports them in meeting some monthly expenses.


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