Onus on school management to decide on re-opening schools; Govt suggest staggered timings, hybrid mode

Goemkarponn desk
PANAJI: Even though the Government has approved the opening of classes 7th and 8th standard classes, it has put the onus on school management to open schools based on available infrastructure.
Besides, teh Education department has also suggested opening schools on hybrid mode and staggered timing as per the guidelines issued.
The Government, after consultation with Expert Committee, has decided to allow re-opening of schools from std. VI to VIll (physical classes) from 25th November, 2021 (Thursday) by following guidelines/ SOP.
Guidelines for. re-opening. of schools:
1. The Heads of the Institutions & Management to take their own decision considering available infrastructure and local conditions.
2. In cases where more than one school is in the same locality or in the case of cluster, the school may have staggered timing or choose to have classes on alternate days.
3. School may, if required, initially follow a hybrid mode of teaching, i.e. online and offline classes.
4. Mandatory at Entry Gate: Face Mask, temperature Check, Sanitization.
5. There shall be checking of the temperature of every student/staff before entering school.
6. School functions and Assemblies to be strictly avoided till further advisory is issued.
7. Strict compliance to the COVID-19 appropriate behaviour (maintaining social distance, wearing mask, sanitization etc.,) by everyone in the community
should be encouraged and ensured.
8. For students who choose not to attend a physical school, recorded class lessons or any other online mode of teaching may be followed.
9. Teachers to ensure that students wear Masks all the time when in school.
10. Washrooms to be monitored to ensure that there is no overcrowding.
11. Deep cleaning of all drinking and handwashing stations, washrooms and lavatories shall be ensured.
12. Pathways and Corridors as far as possible are to be made one way to avoid brushing into each other and are to be adequately marked with direction arrows.
13. In case of two entry doors, one door for entry and another for exit to be used and marked accordingly.
14. Isolation, testing and contact tracing of symptomatic school attendees should be carried out as per health guidelines.
15. Schools to make their own SOPs’ If required, keeping in view infrastructure available and local circumstances.
16. If the school manages the transportation facility, proper physical/social distancing, sanitizing of buses/other transport vehicles shall be ensured.
17. Proper hygiene and sanitation should be maintained.
18. Time table should be prepared in such a manner that there will be no crowd in the school.
19. Schools, If required, may schedule classes/timetables in both shifts considering available infrastructure and local conditions.
Criteria for attending the school:-
1. School shall sanitize every place/classroom to be used before opening the school.
2. Only vaccinated staff (teaching & non-teaching staff) shall be allowed on the school premises. Those who cannot produce a vaccination certificate shall be allowed after producing a negative report of the RT-PCR test. Such report shall be valid for seven days, and a fresh report shall be produced after the seventh day.
3. All the adult members working at and closely associated with schools, including the teachers, non-teaching staff, support staff, commute drivers, attendants, and school visitors, should have received at least one dose of any COVID-19 vaccine. Those eligible for receiving the second dose should have been administered the same.
4. High-risk children (those suffering from chronic diseases like asthma, kidney diseases, disabled children, children on steroids etc.) should consult their paediatricians/physicians before joining the schools.
5. Students/teachers/ staff having symptoms of COVID-19 shall be advised to have a test immediately.
6. Schools shall take all the precautions and care to prevent any cases of COVID-19.


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