Borim gram sabha strongly opposes ISKON Project at Bethki-Borim Plateau

* Villagers says the Bethki plateau is an important water source. It provides drinking water to locals, Bagayats, and shelter to wild animals.
* Construction activities should not be permitted, locals say
* Gramsabha also demand to resolve garbage, ground issue, water crisis and street light issue

Goemkarponn desk
On Sunday, the Borim Gramsabha strongly opposed the ISKCON Project at Bethki Borim plateau and resolved to challenge the permission granted in the Court of law.
The Sarpanch Jyothi Naik clarified that the Panchayat body has not given any permission to teh ISKCON project.
The sarpanch said that the project proponent filed a petition with Panchayat Director.
The Panchayat secretary has given the permission after the Director of Panchayat asked to decide on an application filed by the applicant and that Panchayat members had no idea when he had given it.
Citing reasons for objection to ISKCON Project, locals said the Bethki plateau is an important water source, providing drinking water to locals and bagayats.
It is eco-sensitive and shelters wild animals. Construction activities should not be permitted, they said.
Similarly, the hills and forest at Bethki Plateau are shelters to wildlife habitats.
Further, they said, if hills are chopped, their wells will run dry on which they depend for water.
Locals claimed the major project coming up in area in around 34000 square meters area.
“We dont want any project by hill cutting as locals as well as wildlife depends on hills at Bethki Forest. These hills are rich main water source accumulation and recharging drinking water well in their houses located at the downside of Bethki hills as also Bagayats depend on it,” locals said.
They said they don’t want any religious project, including a temple, mosque or Church on this plateau.
Borim Gramsabha today also demanded a solution to the garbage management issue and opposed the dumping of Garbage near playground ground.
The locals also demanded with Panchayat to make an effort for taking possession of Kalmamal ground from Communidade after proper sale deed.
The locals demand to solve the water crisis and street light problem at Shirshirem Borim, where they face hardship. The locals also demanded to solve the crematorium issue.


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