In BABA RAJ, employees have no RIGHT TO PROTEST

Termination order issued by WCD says Anganwadi workers violated rules by protesting, have no right to demand regularisation, nor can they demand civil posts



PANAJI: In inhuman treatment, the Department of Women and Child – headed by Minister Vishwajit Rane, terminated the services of seven Anganwadi employees last April merely because they formed a new union and protested for their rights.
The order issued by Deepali Naik, Director & Ex-officio joint secretary DWCD, on April 1, 2022, reads, also says the Anganwadi workers have no right to protest, have no right to demand regularisation, nor can demand civil posts.
“As intimated, inter alia, in the letters of the Government of India, Ministry of Women & Child Development, from time to time, and vide recent letter dated 08/12/2021, the Anganwadi Workers/Helpers are Honorary Workers who come forward to render their services in the area of childcare and development on payment of monthly honorarium,” the order by WCD director says, copy of which is in possession of Goemkarponn.
“Anganwadi Workers being honorary workers can neither be declared permanent servants nor can be given
any civil posts: hence they are not eligible for related benefits,” said the order.
Further, it says two Unions viz. Akhil Goa Raja Karmachari Sanghatana and Goa Union of Anganwadi workers and both the Unions have separately inwarded their letters in the Directorate, thereby creating confusion as to which Union has been actually representing the Anganwadi Workers.
“The newly formulated Union has been formed so without the knowledge or approval of the Ministry and Directorate of Women and Child Development. The newly formulated Union has neither submitted any documentary evidence to justify their locus standi at the time of submission of their demands nor in the near future,” it reads.
The Director said the monthly honorary workers/helpers appointed under the Centrally Sponsored Scheme, and besides this, the State Government/Department
had taken utmost care to provide maximum benefits to these Workers/Helpers.
“The new Union placed the below-mentioned demands, which were already taken up by State Government/ Department. Status of the demands were intimated to AWW/A WH were as follows:-

Demand No.1: Treat Anganwadi Workers and Helpers at par with Government employees.

The State Government is already giving TA/DA to Anganwadi Workers/Helpers as per Order No. 1-588/2017-18/DWCD/5336 dated 20/08/2018
with Financial approval U.O. No. 1316 dated 27/06/2018.
The Anganwadi Workers/Helpers are entitled to 16 days of Casual Leave and 180 days (6 months) of maternity leave as per guidelines of the Ministry of Women & Child Development, New Delhi. Besides, Anganwadi Workers/Helpers are availing vacations as per the vacation schedule of the Directorate of Education, Goa,
i.e summer vacation, ‘Ganesh Chaturthi, Diwali & Christmas breaks.
Circulars issued are marked to WCD Block Offices time-to-time.
The same benefits are well-known and availed by the Anganwadi Workers/Helpers.

Demand No.2: Enhancement in remuneration

The State Government has adopted the revised increased honorarium paid to Anganwadi Workers/Helpers as per the new norms of the Ministry (WCD) in November 2019 retrospectively from 1″ October, 2018.
As per the new norms of the Ministry, the honorarium paid to Anganwadi workers was increased from Rs 3000/- to R 4500/- (60% Central Share and 40%
State Share) and the honorarium paid to Anganwadi helpers was increased from Rs 1500/- to Rs 2250/- (60% Central Share and 40% State Share). Besides this, the
State Government pays the Anganwadi Workers/Helpers an additional amount.
As per the assurance given by the Hon’ble Chief Minister during the Budget 2021-22, the Department proposed the initial honorarium of the Anganwadi Workers, which was approved in June 2021, retrospectively from 15
April 2021.
The honorarium paid to Anganwadi Workers & Helpers was again revised and approved in November 2021 retrospectively from 1″ April 2021.

Demand No.3 : Yearly increment

The Anganwadi Workers/Helpers are already given periodic increments after completing every five years of Service since joining. This is an initiative of the State Government.

Demand No.4 : Seniority increment
The Anganwadi Workers/Helpers are already given
periodic increments after completing every five years of Service since joining.

Demand No.5: Pension Scheme
As intimated by the Ministry, all Anganwadi Workers/Helpers are eligible under the Pradhan Mantri Shram-Yogi Maandhan (PMSYM), Atal Pension Yojana.

Demand No.6: Retirement & Voluntary retirement benefits
The Department has already submitted the proposal for retirement & Voluntary retirement benefits to the Finance Department for approval.

Demand No.7 : Nominee
The Department had already submitted the proposal for the Nominee to the Finance Department for approval.
The status of the demands 6 & 7 was intimated to the Anganwadi Workers/Helpers during the Felicitation programme held on 18th December, 2021 and it was requested to the Anganwadi Workers/Helpers not to cause any agitation.

Demand No.8: Continuity in Service
The Department had already submitted the proposal for continuity in Service to the Finance Department for approval.
With respect to Demands 6, 7 & 8, the proposals are under the process of approval.

Demand No.9: Equal Pay for Equal Work
The Department is taking all measures to pay additional remuneration to Anganwadi Workers/Helpers as and when a job is entrusted to them.

Demand No.10: Sick Leave
The Anganwadi Workers/Helpers are already entitled to 16 days Casual Leave.

Demand No.11: Absorption in Government Department
Promotional benefits to the post of Anganwadi Workers are available to Anganwadi Helpers. 50% reservation quota for recruitment for the post of Mukhya Sevika (Lady Supervisor) is available in the State.

AND WHEREAS, All Order / Circulars / Memorandums issued by the Department are intimated to CDPOs from time to time and the CDPOs bring the same to the notice of each Anganwadi Workers/Helpers to avail of the benefits.
The same is acknowledged by the CDPOs.
AND WHEREAS, as on date, Directorate had obtained approval on the proposals related to Anganwadi Workers/Helpers were as per assurances/directives of the State/Central Government.
All Anganwadi Workers/helpers are appointed as honorary workers under the Centrally sponsored scheme i.e. Anganwadi services scheme, and hence, the Demands submitted by the Goa Union of Anganwadi Workers were forwarded by the Director to the Secretary, Ministry of Women and Child Development, New Delhi for kind necessary action in the matter and the copy of the said letter was dispatched as usual through the normal post to The President, Goa Union of Anganwadi Workers, at their provided address and to all CDPOs.
Goa Union of Anganwadi Workers had politicised the demands of Anganwadi Workers through Hrudaynath Shirodkar, and the President Goa Union of Anganwadi Worker has accepted the fact vide reply dated 20.12.2021, which was submitted past the due date for replying to the show cause notice dated 10.12.2021 issued to the President of the Goa Union of Anganwadi Workers as well as Akhil Goa Rajya Karmachari Sanghatana for being an Honorary Anganwadi Workers of the Department by the Director (DWCD).
The Directorate was unaware about the fact that Hrudaynath Shirodkar is the Advisor of the Goa Union of Anganwadi Workers.
The Directorate knows that Hridaynath Shirodkar was a political representative of the Congress Party. The video is available on media page of Facebook dated 09/12/2021.
“Hence, the agitating New Union with support of the some of the Anganwadi Workers/Helpers who were directly assisted the Congress Party through Hrudaynath Shirodkar failed to maintain integrity, devotion to duty
and acted unbecoming of Anganwadi Workers/Helpers, violating the expected code of conduct,” the WCD department said.
Department said it had requested Anganwadi Workers/Helpers not to cause any agitation during the Felicitation programme of Anganwadi Workers held on 18th December 2021, and during the programme, utmost care be taken not to proceed on dharna at Azad Maidan.
“All several necessary efforts and steps made by this Department were gone in vain and proceeded on strike/dharna with effect from 23/12/2021. In the name of the New Union Ms. Nilam Palyekar @Devyani Tamse – President, Jyoti Sanvordekar – Vice President, Jyoti Kerkar – Vice President, Vidya Naik – General Secretary, Rashmita Naik – Secretary, Khatija Atnekar – Secretary, Poumima Gaonkar – Treasurer and by instigating some of the workers/and helpers unnecessary tarnish the image of the Department and use abusive words against the Higher Authorities, which is intolerable,” the WCD order states.
THEREFORE, the services above seven Anganwadi Workers was terminated with immediate effects, WCD says said.


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