NOTE appeals CM to withdraw Paan masala advts displayed on KTCL buses


PANAJI: National Organization for Tobacco Eradication (NOTE) has appealed to Chief Minister Pramod Sawant withdraw from Paan masala advertisement displayed prominently on Kadamba Trasport Corporation buses and other public places.

“I take this privilege to attract your kind attention towards the dubious means of surrogate advertising, and ostentatious proxy hoardings displayed by tobacco and cigarette products. companies across the state.The intent of this correspondence is to bring to your specific notice about the display of surrogate advertisements on Kadamba Bus Transport (KTC) buses plying across the state and other public places,” said NOTE President Dr Shekhar Salkar

He further said that Goa has been an ideal state in the fight against Cigarette and other tobacco products, the numerous efforts made by state health agencies and other NGO’s and support of subsequent governments and bureaucrats is the testimony for decreasing tobacco consumption trend.

“as per the latest Goa state survey done by GATS 2019 it is indicative that smokeless tobacco consumption has been increased especially in rural areas, such surrogate advertising has been largely attributed to this trend,” he added

NOTE has demanded CM to issue appropriate directions to relevant departments on urgent basis to identify and withdraw all such surrogate advertisements and also put in place necessary injunctions to refrain government departments from engaging private companies promoting surrogate advertising of products having adverse effect on health.


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