Now green activists take charge to create political awareness

Goemkarponn desk
PANAJI: Environment and Ecology Team (GEET), the environmental experts from Goa have come together for a political battle, where they urged citizens to keep themselves away from external forces.
“The main problem that lies with Goans is ignorance which is taken for granted by others. GEET is trying to tell all Goans that the power to save Goa lies within themselves and no need of any outside forces provided Goans unite with clear mind and objectives,” said Scientist Dr Joe D’Souza.
He further said that they are aware that the bugle for Assembly election to Goa Assembly has already been sounded, and it vests in each one of us to ensure that the good men with the vision to empower Goans sustainable development of Goa 86 the Goans.
“Goans are on the Brink of Extinction! Unite now to prosper or perish forever – GEET Team for Goans. GEET is a team of like-minded men as women who have come together enlightening and informing the common man the true meaning and essence of democracy,” he added.
GEET said that as a society, we are committed to making our individual contributions to make society a better place for ourselves and our future generation.


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