Ponda locals want a break on speeding vehicles at Rajiv Gandhi Kala Mandir road

Goemkarponn desk

PONDA: Ponda locals have demanded authorities control the speeding vehicle on Highway, internal roads causing accidents by installing rumbler strips.
Viraj Sapre speaking to the media said the Rajiv Kala Mandir road recently has been widened; however, since then, with no speed breakers or rumble on roads, the youths are speeding vehicles due to which some locals were injured.
He said so many people come to Rajiv Kala Mandir to watch programmes road, but due to speeding vehicles, it has become dangerous even to cross the road to walk towards Kala Mandir.
“The road has twelve-metre width due to which the vehicles are facing issues. Even some youths ride vehicles without numbers with speed posing a risk to locals,” he said.
Viraj Sapre said the traffic police need to control this and bring speed checking machines to issue fines for the safety of locals.
According to Hanumant Naik, the Kavlem – Khadpaband Junction, in the absence of Rumble strips, has become dangerous for locals who want to cross the road with their bikes and vehicles.
He said there is a badly need for a rumble strip as the junction is on a slope and vehicles on the Highway travel at high speed.
“There is a chance of accidents to bike riders while crossing the junction. A few years back, one car driver died while crossing the junction. This junction has become a death trap in the absence of safety measures to control speeding vehicles,” he said.
He demanded the government immediately install rumble strips at the unsafe junction.


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