Ravindra Bhavan, Gaunem Dam will be completed in a year, says Tawadkar

Goemkarponn desk

CANACONA – Stating Canacona will have no pending projects after this tenure, Speaker and Canacona MLA Ramesh Tawadkar informed that the much-awaited Ravindra Bhavan will be completed within a year.
Speaking to Canacona media late Tuesday evening, Tawadkar assertively mentioned that no issues will remain pending beyond this current assembly term as far as the Canacona constituency is concerned.
“Financial constraints are why Canacona ‘s Ravindra Bhavan is still pending. For the last 2 & 1/2 government’s treasury took a heavy beating, and finances are the only reason why Ravindra Bhavan couldn’t be completed until now. But it will be completed and made operational within a year now”‘, Tawadkar quipped.
When asked about the reason for such a long period for completing Ravindra Bhavan, for which the foundation stone was laid in 2012 (on the occasion of Tawadkar’s first birthday as a Minister), he said there was no other reason for its prolonged delay and only financial difficulties.
Tawadkar also spoke on the long-pending commissioning of Gaunem Dam, which was completed years ago, but without supply provisions.
“Yes, Gaunem Dam (Gaondongrim) is a project where water would reach even up to Kuskem in Cotigao. A project worth 21 crores. There are issues regarding the non-availability of land to lay pipelines and place overhead tanks. I will soon see the issue is given priority, and wherever private land island, government land will be utilised, but the Gaunem Dam would be commissioned very soon,” he said.
Incidentally, questions were raised that the project got going without even planning the pipeline or canals, and now the completed dam is awaiting its commissioning for the same deficiencies.
“It was my concept to bring up a state-of-the-art ‘Krishi-Bhavan’, for which foundation stone was laid a year ago. Previously, it was proposed during my earlier tenure after I suggested to recast the small project to the presently approved larger project. The work is also starting in a few months now,” he said.
He added, “on my appointment as a Speaker, my hands are further strengthened, and I expect to use my newfound strength to complete on-going projects and take up new projects, not leaving anything to lapse, and there won’t be any issues the time this term ends”.
He said that with the BJP government in Delhi and in the State, Central leadership strongly rallying for Party and me and Chief Minister staunchly in his favour, he assured not leave a single work or issue will remain pending.


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