Sudin alleges Goa govt sold mining dumps at throwaway prices.

Goemkarponn desk

PONDA: Maharashtrawadi Gomantak Party(MGP) Leader and Marcaim MLA Sudin Dhavlikar alleged that the Goa government sold mining dumps at throw away prices and that people like him are shocked by the Government decision.

Speaking to the media at Kavlem, Sudin said the government has been selling the mining dump at Rs.3000 per ton. He said today the market rate of ore is around Rs.6000 per ton with Rs.95 per ton for 58 grade ore. He said Rs.1000 crore for a 20 million tons mining dump is shocking news for me.

In Goa more than 100 million tons are lying on the banks of various mines. Goans are owners of it and have rights over it. Sudin said Goan economy can witness change if the mining dump is properly exported but for it there is need of will power and good people to run the government .

He said if any one conducts an economic survey then it will conclude that Goa today is debt ridden under the BJP govt and also under previous Congress government both are equally responsible for it. Compared to this if you check when MGP was in Power, the MGP government was never burdened with debts during its rule” Dhavlikar added.

Dhavlikar slammed the BJP govt and said that it no longer remains a party with difference. It is not the same party when Manohar Parrikar was Chief Minister ten years ago. Today BJP is importing Politicians from other parties thus doing injustice on their own party workers who have contributed hard for building the party” he reiterated.


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