AAP’s Teerth Yatra Yojana launched a year before Pramod Sawant became CM

AAP ridicules Sawant's claims, asks him to share the number of Goans who he has provided Yojna to

Goemkarponn desk
PANAJI: Slamming the CM the AAP stated that Arvind Kejriwal’s Mukhyamantri Teerth Yatra Yojana had been successfully active for a whole year before Pramod Sawant became CM. Pramod Sawant has developed a habit of copying AAP Schemes and then claiming he originated them.
Aam Aadmi Party Goa convener Rahul Mhambre challenged CM Pramod Sawant to declare how many people in Goa have benefited from the BJP’s teertha yatra yojana scheme.
“Pramod Sawant’s schemes only remain on papers and never get implemented on the ground, be it promises on jobs or recent free water programme. I challenge Pramod Sawant to declare how many people have availed the pilgrimage scheme in the state”, said Mhambre.
“It was AAP who first announced Mukhyamantri teertha yatra yojana in Delhi three years ago. Recently, AAP Chief Arvind Kejriwal also added Ayodhya to the list. People are made to visit many pilgrimage places for free, and the Delhi government bears the entire cost of their travel. As of now, more than 35 thousand people have gained benefits from the yojana. On the other hand, Pramod Sawant is habituated to copying everything that AAP does”, said Mhambre.
“Goans know who is a real copycat. Nakal karne mein bhi akal chayiye. Earlier, CM copied Kejriwal’s ‘governance at door-step programme. Ever since Kejriwal announced free electricity for Goemkars, BJP has been on its toes and finding new things to copy from the Kejriwal model and announce it. Sawant had earlier copied Kejriwal’s free water policy. During his second visit, Kejriwal announced that he would set up a skill university on the lines of Delhi Skill and Entrepreneurship University (DSEU), once AAP comes to power. CM Pramod Sawant-led government copied Arvind Kejriwal’s model and announced the same during a job fair”, Mhambre added.
During the first visit to the State this year, Arvind Kejriwal announced 300 units of free electricity in the State while ensuring a 24×7 constant power supply. He also promised that all old power bills would be waived off, and farmers would get free electricity. Around 3,500 AAP volunteers reached out to 3.85 lakh households across Goa, covering 90 per cent of the population. Each volunteer spent 15 to 20 minutes in every house talking to the family about Kejriwal’s first guarantee and discussing how it would impact them. An overwhelming 2.93 lakh families showed their support for this guarantee by registering with the party.
During his second visit to the State, Kejriwal announced jobs for every youth and Rs 3,000 per month until they receive jobs. 80% of jobs in the private sector are reserved for the youth of Goa.
Rs 5,000 would be provided monthly assistance to families who lost employment due to the shutdown of tourism and mining.
The AAP government will further establish a skill university in Goa on the lines of Delhi’s DSEU and end nepotism in Goa’s government jobs. Around 35 per cent of Goans have registered for the job guarantee programme, which is proof of Goans faith in AAP.
Kejriwal promised Kejriwal’s free teertha yatra yojana, during his third visit to the State. AAP has been receiving good responses over the announcement of Teertha Yatra Guarantee.


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