Carlos asks Daji to follow up on 17 unfinished projects in Vasco

Goemkarponn desk

VASCO: Ex MLA of Vasco suggests that newly elected Vasco MLA follow up on 17 unfinished public utility projects and works in his term. Vasco MLA Krishna(Daji)Salkar says he will work for the people of Vasco rather than talk.
In an interesting political move, the two-terms former Vasco MLA Carlos Almeida listed out the 17 developmental works which are incomplete and needed follow-up. In a press conference called by Almeida in Ravindra Bhavan Baina on Thursday evening, he pointed out that the newly elected Vasco MLA Salkar should undertake the completion of the projects which were initiated by him.
Almeida further said that the development is a continuous process, and the new MLA should consult the ex MLA over the pending developmental projects.
In a press note issued by Almeida, he mentioned some key projects from Vasco, such as the Modern KTC bus stand, fish market project, fishing jetty at Khariwado, multipurpose parking, and Baina powerhouse project, Chief Officers bungalow, and many more works.
Meanwhile, when contacted, Vasco MLA Krishna (Daji) Salkar said that he would work for the betterment of the Vasco constituency and Vasco’s people rather than just talk give lip service. Salkar also assured that all the pending works would be completed.


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