GAKUVED demands political reservation from Sanguem, Priol, Quepem, Nuvem

Want Union Ministry of law to file a reply to petition on political reservation for STs.

Goemkarponn desk
PONDA: GAKUVED association and Sanguem MLA Prasad Gaonkar have said that the government now stopped giving excuses and gave them justice by reserving four assembly seats for STs.
Gaonkar said their community got ST status in 2003, and thereafter there was a demand for Political reservation;.
“However, since then, three assembly elections were held in 2007, 2012, 2017, but the reservation was ignored, and now We want it in 2022 election,” the MLA said.
In the 2011 census, He said the ST Population is found 12.5 per cent.
“So accordingly in 2012 election, We had demanded four assembly seat be reserved from Priol, Sanguem, Quepem and Nuvem where the ST population is highest however it is not fulfilled. After that 2017 Election, it was ignored. This shows the government is not bothered about the ST community. In 2019, we again submitted a memorandum to Goa Government, but nothing has been done to date,” he stated.
He said for reservation process doesn’t need time.
“In Sanguem Municipal Election, we approached HC and SC and finally got it one month before. The same is the case with reservations for the assembly seat. There is three months, so the government declares the four reserved seats for ST in the 2022 election,” he said.
He said they got educational and job reservations, and for political reservations, excuses are given.
MLA Gaonkar said ST Community filed a petition in HC four months ago for Political reservation of four assembly seats and had made a party to Union Law Ministry, EC and Goa State Chief Secretary.
“Now, after four hearings, the Ministry of law didn’t file reply on reservation due to which the matter in Court is delayed,” he said.
He further said now the Court has fixed the matter on 17 December and that govt file its reply to get a reservation in the 2022 election.


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