Goa First NGO raises alarm over coal dust pollution, demands to cover of coal stackings

Goemkarponn desk

VASCO: Despite the 30 km per hour wind, coal is being handled extensively at the port of Mormugaon, leaving the people of Sada, Baina, and Vasco troubled with the coal dust. Citizens have expressed displeasure over this issue, and social activist Parashuram Sonurlekar has lodged a complaint with Goa State Pollution Control Board in this regard.
Considering the higher wind speed in February and March, dust pollution is more likely to occur in the area along with the city of Vasco. Due to coal handling in Mormugaon port, Morgaon taluka faces coal dust pollution.
Meanwhile, the Goa State Pollution Control Board authority had issued a notice in February 2019 with a wind speed of 30 kph. An order was issued to two private companies stating not to handle coal, if any. But for the last month, the daily wind speed has been 30 kph. Coal handling is in full swing. As a result, coal dust is scattered in houses, shops and establishments in Hedland Sada, Vasco town and other areas near Mormugao port. It is also affecting the health of the people.
Meanwhile, Parashuram Sonurlekar of Goa First pointed this out to all the concerned authorities, adding that the Goa State Pollution Control Board authority has no control over the handling of coal from the two private companies stacking areas. “People are suffering the consequences,” Sonurlekar said in a complaint to the GSPCB.
Parashuram Sonurlekar and local residents have demanded that the GSPCB and other concerned authorities should take immediate action against the companies and stop the handling of coal and cover the stored coal so that the wind does not spread the coal dust.


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