Mangueshi Locals oppose illegal road construction, demand inspection from authorities

Goemkarponn desk

PONDA: Group of residents from Mangueshi village today have demanded stoppage of new road construction by a private plot developer over the water pipeline.

The Mangueshi locals addressing the media have alleged that there is one illegal construction of a road by a private plot developer at Mangueshi which also passes over main water pipeline.

A local, Naresh Naik said that the private plot developer has approved plan for the proposed road from the Town and Country Planning Authority (TCP) however this approved road is shown in the property of one tenant who has opposed it, following this the plot developer started construction of road from other places than the property through which he got approval.

Hence this road is being alleged as an illegal and therefore Town and Country Planning Authority should inspect the road, locals demanded. Naresh also alleged that the plot owner has cut trees with condition that he would plant new trees at the place where trees are cut down however presently he is seen constructing road through it.

Naik demanded that the local Panchayat, TCP and Forest department should conduct an inspection and take proper action into matter and stop illegal road construction. The complaint has been filed with the Deputy Collector of Ponda and also with PWD for the proposed illegal road over main pipeline” Naik informed.


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