Mestawado-Maimollem farmers hope for “Acche din”

Goemkarponn desk

VASCO: Farmers from the Mestawado-Maimollem area see the “ray of hope” in Vasco MLA Daji Salkar that he will bring “Acche din” to the farmers from Mormugao and to the Agriculture. Farmers feel the government should help them by guiding and encouraging them to take up Agriculture.
Vasco MLA Krishna (Daji) Salkar, who has remained as a patron and a helping hand to these 40 odd numbers of farmers from Vasco, told reporters that there is a small area for agricultural activities has left in Vasco, and there is a need to protect it and encourage the farmers to do agricultural activities there otherwise it will turn into the barren land.
Salkar further said that he has provided a tractor and a harvester to these farmers every year, which is helpful to them. When questioned about the dedicated Zonal Agriculture Office (ZAO), which is needed in Mormugao, Salkar said that a resolution was taken to bring ZAO to Mormugao when he was a councillor sent to the Agriculture department. Now that I am an MLA, I will surely follow up about this project and get it done as soon as possible for these farmers,” Salkar said.
Amita Anand Vengurlekar, a local farmer from Mestawado Vasco, said they have been into agricultural activities for many years. Mostly we grow seasonal local (indigenous) vegetables such as ladyfingers, bottle gourd, red and white veggies locally called (Tambdi and Dhobi bhaji), mustard green, radish, brinjal, cabbage etc. in November, December in the fields of Mestawado, Maimollem.
She further said that this year, compared to last year, the vegetables’ produce is less due to inadequate water supply. Although we put hard work into growing these local vegetables, we must also get some support. The local people come to us to purchase veggies. We sell some of it and some remaining vegetables we use for self-consumption,” Vengurlekar added.
Another farmer Geeta Korgaonkar said that a group of 35 to 40 farmers, including men and women, have been in farming activity for the last 50 years. We have been growing various kinds of vegetables such as red onion, chillies, cabbage, and all other sorts of indigenous vegetables, which we sell to the people.
She, although, showed some sort of disappointment over the local governing bodies and the Agriculture department for not extending any support to the farmers from Vasco who are on the verge of vanishing after a few years. Korgaonkar said that we expect the concerned authorities to come and explain to us about modern and advanced farming methods, help us by giving good quality seeds, supply machinery etc. She added that for more than 10 years, former City Councillor and the present Vasco MLA Krishna (Daji)Salkar and councillor Girish Borkar have been helping hand to these farmers from Mestawado, Maimollem areas.
Korgaonkar said Daji Salkar has provided them tractors and harvester every year to support them, which is an appreciable thing. She said farmers have to go to Margao in the Zonal Agriculture Office to avail any agricultural schemes and guidance. To grow veggies, we were using organic manure a few years ago, but due to its unavailability today, we are dependent on the fertilizers we buy at our own expense. The government authorities are not doing any soil testing or providing water for these fields. This year the yield was less.


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