Usgao Local oppose mobile tower near a primary school

* Urge government not to play with lives of primary school children.
* Warned to stage agitation if the tower is not removed immediately.






Goemkarponn desk



PONDA: The Usgao locals and School management at Barzan Usgao had strongly opposed the construction of a mobile tower near Barzan Primary School Usgao.
The locals submitted a memorandum to Usgao- Ganjem Panchayat to remove the mobile tower.
The copy of the memorandum was also forwarded to ADEI Ponda, Deputy Director of Education Zone Panjim, and Deputy Collector Ponda. The Locals also warned to stage agitation if the tower is not removed immediately.

The locals have demanded to immediately shift the mobile tower away from primary school.
The parents and locals fear that the radiation from the mobile tower would affect the health of children.
In this school standard first to fourth, there are 80 students, and Anganwadi 25 with a total of 105 children who will face constant radiation.
The Panchayat informed the locals that it did not provide any NOC for the tower.
In the complaint by School Management Committee, it is mentioned that the tower was suddenly erected a few days back near the school compound without any notice or hint to the school.

It is further mentioned that the school children are smaller in age, and radiation emitted from the tower can affect the health of children of the school.
Hence, they said they were opposing the erection and installation of the mobile tower and urged Panchayat to remove the towar from that area for students’ betterment and good health.


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