Goa Dairy to restart production of full cream buffalo milk soon

Goemkarponn desk
PONDA: Goa Dairy will soon restart in high-demand fat (buffalos milk).
The milk production was stopped in March-end this year, following difficulties in procuring milk due to three major reasons.
According to Assistant Marketing Manager Datta Prabhakar Bury, last year’s flood situation in neighbouring states, wherein several castles died, was the main reason for stopping high-fat milk.
“Similarly, due to shortfall, high fates milk rates were increased in the market. Similarly, in flush season, i.e. November and December, the milk was expected to increase however unfavourable climate hit milk production, following which it was not affordable to take the production of high fat or full cream buffalo milk,” he said.
Another reason was after Ukraine-Russia War, the demand for milk in the Gulf was hit as Ukraine, which was the largest supplier of milk, could not in a position to supply it, he added.
“This demand or pressure of supplying milk to Gulf countries was met by India; as a result, Goa Dairy could not procure it, and hence full cream buffalo Milk was withdrawn from the market in March,” he said.
He said the demand now was met by big brands as they have plants for the requirement of full cream milk.
However, he added, as the increasing prices of high-fat milk are becoming stable, Goa Dairy hopes to bring back the full cream (high fat) buffalo milk in Marker.
“All efforts are being made to produce high-fat milk, and even Chief Minister Pramod Sawant is making an effort for it,” said Marketing Manager Burye.
Goa Dairy was producing around 6000 to 7000 high-fat milk as per the demand of Goans. Due to the quality production of high-fat milk, people are demanding that Goa Dairy supply this milk.
The high fat or full cream jamity buffalo milk produced by Goa Dairy helps consumers not only for daily use but also to produce various dairy products such as curds, ghee etc.
According to customers, the other Dairy brand doesn’t give that much quality, which Goa Dairy high-fat milk offers for producing dairy products from its milk, so full cream buffalo milk is in demand.
Goa Dairy was supplying around 59000 litres of milk of various varieties, including high-fat milk; however, after stopping production of high-fat milk, the present sale of Goa Dairy in the Market is around 52000 litres of milk.
Currently, Goan farmers supply around 3000 litres of milk required for Goa Dairy to process standardised milk.


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