For six years now, sewerage works delaying road hot-mixing in Ponda

Goemkarponn desk

PONDA: It’s six years. Pondaitees suffer from bad roads because of long pending sewerage work for six years.
Ponda MLA and Agriculture Minister Ravi Naik expressed concern over long pending work. He said the Ponda roads were deteriorated due to long pending work on the sewerage network and lack of planning in execution. The PWD Engineer Fadte said the Ponda Constituency roads will be hot-mixed, costing around Rs 6 crore.
He said the road condition at Ponda was worsened and deteriorated for a long period due to a lack of planning in laying sewerage lines.
The work commenced in 2016, and it’s now six years since the work has been going. He said Sewerage officials should clarify for the delay and also explain when the work would be completed.
The people travelling on Ponda –Daag –Kavlem Durbhat road are suffered a lot of hardship due to long pending work The Sewerage Treatment Plant (STP). He said the work was delayed as there was no proper survey of soil testing, and rock formation was conducted before digging of the road for commencement of sewerage work. He said there is a hurdle of basalt rock formation at Nagzar Ponda and Daag Ponda, which caused the delay. He said the roads dug for sewerage at Ponda, including Khandpaband road, often cave in as chambers are not filled and covered scientifically.


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