Theft at Navdurga VKSS Society, Marcaim

Locals stress on need to set up Police Station at Marcaim Industrial Estate.

Goemkarponn desk

PONDA: The unknown accused yesterday at midnight broke open the backside window grills of Shree Navdurga VKSS Society at Marcaim, entered its premises, and committed theft of one laptop and 3000 change (coins).
According to Chairman of Society Premanand Gaude, today morning, after the complaint, Ponda Police conducted Panchanama. He said the unknown thieves tried to break open the front door of society; however, as they failed in their attempt, they gained entry to society by removing the backside window grill. The thieves also break open society’s cupboards and throw out all documents in search of cash. Premanand Gaude said this is one of the major societies at Marcaim with annual Rs 20 crore tenure; however, we never keep cash in society at night time.
Along with Premanand Gaude, the said locals feel an unsecured atmosphere in recent times due to crimes. There is a badly need for Police Station in the Marcaim constituency. Until the police station is built, he said there is a need for strong police patrolling at Marcaim.
He added that since two industrial estates, namely Kundaim and Marcaim, there is a need for a Police Station to control crime and provide safety to locals residing nearby Industrial estates. Some more than fifteen years ago, one girl was shot dead while returning from Marcaim Industrial Estate. Similarly, one accused shot one Marcaim girl at a residence over some issues. So there is a need of Police watch at Marcaim.


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