Godinho slams opponents for false accusations

Goemkarponn desk

VASCO: Dabolim BJP candidate Mauvin Godinho slams his opponents for making false statements against him. Godinho claimed that he would win based on performance.
During his door to the door election campaign, BJP Dabolim candidate Mauvin Godinho indirectly shot his opponents without naming them. Godinho said that his opponents are engaged in making false and baseless allegations against him that Godinho has never visited the people’s houses wherever I have been meeting people and going to them every election. This will be my seventh election which I am confident I will win,” Godinho added.
He further said that ” one of my opponents is claiming to be the brave soldier was actually given the duty to manage the canteen in the Navy. He had not fought the Kargil war like many other brave soldiers did. If my opponent was very brave, why was he deputed to manage the Navy canteen? Godinho questioned.
Further taking a jibe at another opponent, Godinho said that one more opponent was defeated twice against me in past elections. That candidate was also defeated during this municipal election by one of my supporters. That candidate now is telling people that he will win that candidate, in fact, was in personal debt which might have now been cleared since the new political parties coming to Goa tend to give some money to their candidates,” said Godinho.
Godinho further added that he has been receiving a warm welcome from the people during his campaign trail, and it gives a feeling like a family. I have considered my constituency a family, and people have shown me warmth this time. Godinho also questioned that by distributing essential items and free doles, do you think people will get fooled? Actually, it is an insult to the voters,” he added.


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