AAP leader Sudesh Mayekar felicitates Motorcycle pilots at Calangute

AAP leader Sudesh Mayekar on Saturday felicitated Motorcycle pilots at Calangute motorcycle stand.


AAP leaders Godwin Fernandes, Lizle Rodrigues, Carol Fernandes and

John Fernandes were present on the occasion.


AAP leader Sudesh Mayekar said, “Goa has many unique features and the yellow and black motorcycle riding pilot is one of them. The pilots, are a convenient mode of transportation among the populace, in a state. Also with poor bus connectivity motorcycle pilots are considered to be a faster, safe and relatively cheaper option that offer the customer a ride to the doorstep of their destination”.


“Therefore, as a gratitude AAP felicitated and provided helmets to the 15 pilots, at the Calangute Motorcycle stand”, he said further.


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